Find out the best DAW software 2015 for your use

DAW is an abbreviation of the word Digital audio workstation, and is available in a vast number of versions or configurations. Before discussing the best DAW software 2015 it is crucial to understand what it actually means. It is in simple words a miniature studio on your computer which helps you record, edit and lay around with audio tracks. When you are looking for the best daw software in the market it may become a gigantic task for you because there are a large number of choices available in the market. To ease out your pains and make your task easier a list of different Daw software of 2015 will be discussed along with its features. This will give you an opportunity to pick the best daw product for yourself. It should be mentioned here that all the mentioned software’s will come with an attached price and none of them are free.

Best DAW Software’s

  1. Abelton Live

    Albeton Live Best DAW 2015

    Ableton Live

One of the best DAW software 2015 is this one; it is extremely popular for its innovative and new approach and has the ability of recording ideas on a clip-based sequence board. Its latest version is the 9.1.7 and is equipped with multi-monitor support, new file browsers; automation curves and has an extensive version of a whole new sound collection. All the more reason to use it is because it is very user-friendly and highly creative. Allows the user to play around with ideas and create concrete audio sounds from it. Beginners can also be eased into the system of modern electronic music. However the additional plug-ins does pose a problem and this has not been overcome yet. Some noteworthy producers using this are Daft Punk, Sasha and some hit songs include Skrillex, Bangarang.

  1. Bigwig studio

    Bitwig best DAW 2014


Producers like Deadmau5 and others have used this software and its latest 1.1.1 version is one to watch out for. Every need of the modern electronic musician has been considered from the feedback and suggestions made and changes have consecutively been applied in its newer version. Its only problem is that the video is not available yet. Other than that is possesses unique features like a new and modern looking design outlet, more frequent and regular updates. In this version you have multi-outside chain, advanced routing capabilities and latency compensation.



  1. Steinberg Cubase
Steinber Cubase best DAW 2015

Steinber Cubase

This software is truly deserving of the place of best daw software 2015 and is in the market from 1989. It is referred to as the Grand daddy of DAWs and its latest version is 8.0.10. Using Cubase, Zedd sung Clarity and some of the other well known producers using it are Justice and Hans Zimmer. Its interface and speed of workflow can prove to be intimidating to new users and it is more time consuming in producing results than others. The software radiates from it however three most important qualities every one of the Daw software’s must possess. First it is extremely compatible; it is reliable and supportive software’s. It has improved itself over the years and achieved a noteworthy stability.

  1. Image-line Fruity loops

If there is a software which has been built to adapt itself an endure changes it is this one. The Fruity loops have grown and inspired people over the many years of its creation. Initially there was a limitation on this software; it could only be used on windows. But with the latest version, that is the 11.0.1 version the software is available on Mac and other operating systems. Avicii used this software while making the song levels. Porter Robinson, Afro jack and many other reputed artists and producers use this software. The reasons it is popular is there are unique plug-in like Maximus Limited and Sound goodizer. In addition it performs all its functions with an extremely quick and swift speed. Though it does have negativities like its beta version does not run smoothly and it is not supported on Mac either.

  1. Apple logic Pro X
Apple Logix Pro best DAW 2015

Apple Logix Pro

This software was not an original Apple product, it was initially by emagic and later acquired by Apple in 2002. After this the product grew in popularity and was meant mostly for those who were starting out. Garage Band was the first to use it in its feature song. Its latest 10.1.1 version has gotten rid of many problems of the past like interface remodelling and addition of auto save in the program. What has earned it its position as the best daw software 2015 is the redesigned compressed, high standard of plug-in and tools.

Owing to its status of being an apple product it is going to run efficiently on any operating system include Mac Os and OX. Calvin Harris recorder “summer” using it and even producers like Swedish House Mafia, Alesso and Armin van Buuren used it several times. It has certain drawbacks too, including the buggy and disturbances in its older versions and the fact that it can prove to be extremely overwhelming for a beginner who is just learning the basics of electronic music.

  1. Avid Pro Tools
Avid Pro Tools best DAW 2015

Avid Pro Tools

Rick Rubin, Lady Gaga, Dr. Luke, Trent Reznor all have used Avid Pro tools for creating electronic music. In fact Lady Gaga hit song just dance was sung, edited and created using this software. Despite the fact that it falls short in electronic recording and is mainly for recording live it is still pretty high in demand and lands itself a spot to be one of the best daw software 2015. The new 12.0.0 version is vastly popular for its vast demand. Almost every professional recording studio has pro tools installed in them. Its newest feature is flexibility of licensing options, implying you can subscribe for a short or long tenure depending on your need. It is arguably the most ideal for recording live instruments or vocal tunes. This software provides the opportunity for multi-recording and what is most unique is the ability of quick editing and cutting of the recorded piece.