Softube Heartbeat – Drum machine now available

The renowned software manufacturer Softube has revealed a drum synthesizer instrument for Mac & Windows called Heartbeat.

Virtual Drum Machine Heartbeat works with eight tracks, produce where independent synth engines two kicks, two snares and hi-hats, cymbals and percussion. The access to key synth parameters such as Pitch, Decay and type of course is given. Use the car Layer Machine may include drum fills and random events are created. In order for the single drum elements give a closed whole, the sound mix in the mixer (including EQ, Pan & Sends) and the house humming compressor Valley People Dyn-Amite can condense. Was also transferred to the new drum machine of the house Hall processor TSAR-1 Reverb. The filter echo is the spatial Effektierung with a special touch, a saturation unit at the end of the signal chain provides a distorted finish.


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